Summer Ministry

If you are looking for something special you have never experienced,

If you feel like you have to do something meaningful this summer,

If you are willing to have a great cultural impact on your life,

If you want to see how God works in the other nation,

If you would like to walk with God day by day,

If you want to have fun with all these,

and If you love God so much,


Why English Camp?

Awana Korea is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to 400 churches, 20,000 children and you through Awana program every week. Awana Korea hopes to reach more kids with the gospel. As a part of that, we have a ministry of English Bible School(EBS) and the big T&T Camp every summer with young adults from America. We call them interns since they are learning through teaching Awana clubbers in Korea.

Evangelism through English Camp is very effective in Korea, and it is a great tool for a lot of children and parents to come to church. We are looking for young missionaries who want to preach the gospel to children and youth with the love of Christ.


What Ministry Do we have?




05/31 - 08/04

A Summer Internship is two months. You will be teamed with 4-5 other individuals, work alongside local missionaries and churches in Korea, experience the culture, develop your international ministry skill, and grow in your understanding of God, yourself, and His calling

For Two Months


This includes all the food, lodging, and tour except for airfare and insurance




5/31 - 08/04

A Ministry Team is a group of at least 4 people, staying for two or three weeks in Korea. It could be a church, college, or organization team. You will be visiting about 3 different churches and local areas during your trip. You will also have a couple of Seoul tour days.

For 2-3 weeks


This includes all the food, lodging, and tour except for airfare and insurance



Mission Trip

5/31 - 08/04

If you are only able to come to Korea for 2-6 weeks, you can also join our ministry. You will be joining a group of summer interns when you are able to come and work with them as a team. It is the same as the summer internship but the cost would be a little more.

Per a week


This includes all the food, lodging, and tour except for airfare and insurance

How is this so Cheap?

When you are here in Korea, Awana Korea provides all the trip expenses such as food, lodging, transportation, tour, and training except for airfare and insurance. As you serve our local churches in Korea, we would like to serve interns very well. Other than serving English Camps, You will have chances to go to many places such as traditional places, Seoul Tower, Korean Folk Village, Hiking&Sauna, Night market, Shopping street, and many local attractions.

Even though the interns get to experience many things, the reason why we set up this low price is that the interns will be supported by Awana Korea and local churches. Awana Korea and local churches would like to preach the gospel throughout this ministry. Many non-believers come to learn English to the churches and decide to attend the service every week. It would also bring their parents to the churches. Is it amazing? English is a great tool to reach kids with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also are aware of college students who suffer financially.

What kinds of ministry are they?


English Bible School

From early June to late July

It is a camp ministry visiting local churches to share the gospel to children through three-day camp program(4pm to 9pm). We visit one Awana club churches in 5 days and get to travel around the local area where the churches are. Clubers will be participating different classes such as Bible, Across America, Games, Sports, and so on. Classes could differ depending on the situation. When we are not doing the camp, you get to visit many local attractions and experience the real local culture.


T&T Camp

Late July to early August, 4 nights 5 days

Every summer, we have Awana T&T Camp that brings 300-400 T&T clubers(3rd grade to 6th grade) at one place. There will be English classes, English songtime, and bible verse memorization, Christian skit drama/dances, and group presentations. You will be able to have strong relationships with the kids. We have done various activities such as swimming, crafts, air rocket, and movies. The kids receive Jesus Christ as their savior through this camp. All praise the Lord, worship God, and pray for the kids.  

What will I be doing?

First day of camps begins with evaluation of children’s English level where the English teachers (interns) get to know the kids better. The teachers also get introduced to the kids at an opening worship led by Korean leaders. First session of classes also start on this day. 


Class time​

Classes usually range from 20-25 minutes with 5-minute break in between. Each teacher stays in their classroom and teaches their subject to a new group of students. The kids are usually divided into 4 groups at a smaller church and 8 groups in a bigger church, but each teacher only gets about 4 groups that they teach. The groups are usually about 10 kids, plus or minus a few. 

Worship time

Every day, both at the beginning of camp and the end of the camp day, there is worship time with the kids, which is English song time with motions. The interns learn motions for the English songs provided by Awana Korea before camps start. They do the motions along with the music as the kids follow along. The songs are very energetic and require interns to be enthusiastic and have high energy for the kids to follow along. Song time is most interns’ favorite time and for the kids as well. 

Sharing your testimony and performing short skits

The large group time starts with English songs for about 15-20 minutes (4-5 songs), then a testimony is shared by one of the interns in English with a Korean interpretation. After the testimony, interns put on a pantomime skit, a skit with no words just with actions and sometimes sounds. An explanation of the skit follows in English (about a paragraph) and a translation of the explanation in Korean. 

Will I have time to see Korea?

Yes! While doing camps at different locations, church members are very generous in providing time before or after camp is finished to sightsee and introduce you to their city. Awana also provides time to see the capital of Seoul before and after the summer ministry comes to an end and you head back to your home. Sometimes, there is opportunity between camps too. 

What does the schedule look like?

You will have an orientation, training, and cultural trips during the first 3-4 days when it comes to interns. Then, you go to local churches to start English Bible Schools. The camps are 3-4 days with one to two days to rest and travel to the next location. Usually a two-month intern will get a chance to serve in over 8 churches, depending on the summer season and the length of stay. You will also have a break for 3-4 days in the middle of your internship period, so that you get refreshed. You will have free time for the break. After you finish the Big T&T camp. You will have around 4-5 days to rest and go on a Seoul Tour. All the interns will travel together guided by Awana Korea.


What can I learn through this trip?

  1. Mission-minded: The reason why we are doing our ministry is that Awana Korea wants to change the world through Christian youth and to product global, Christian leaders like you. You are here to preach the gospel to them with your whole life. Keep in mission-minded.

  2. Challenge: Staying in another country would be a challenge for interns. They get to live in a completely different culture but somehow find similarity in Jesus Christ. We challenge them to know, love, and serve the Lord, Jesus Christ, throughout this internship experience.

  3. Christian Fellowship: Camps are 3 days long, so you will get a chance to hang out campers and leaders a lot. By sharing your life story and testimony and hearing from them as well, you will be having true Christian fellowships despite of language barriers.

  4. Cultural Experiences: Interns will be able to meet hundreds of Christian children and youth, visit tens of local places, and few life-changing moments during the internship period.

  5. Experience for Children ministry: Interns will be joining English Bible School for elementary schoolers, so that they can preach the gospel to them during summer. They will be able to meet up with Korean pastors and leaders to share

Where will I stay?

When the interns first arrive, they stay at the lodging provided by Awana Korea. That can be at the Awana’s headquarters or another place provided by Awana Korea. This would be the place where the interns may leave their stuff and feel at home.


When the interns travel to churches for camps, they will stay at the lodging provided by the church. Depending on the availability and the ability of the church, interns may stay in one of the rooms at the church, a guesthouse, at a hotel, or with a host family. All these lodgings have their plusses and excitement that goes along with staying at a new place. Sometimes, you will sleep on the floor and sometimes on the bed, so adaptability is a key. In Korea, floor sleeping is very common among families and is not considered to be the same as in United States. 

“Even the children who didn’t believe in God had an amazing time singing worship songs, which made me realize that everything was led by God’s hand”. 

One of Awana leaders

Ready to Apply?

Awana Korea will send you more information if you contact us or apply for it.

If you believe that the Lord is leading you to serve our ministry this summer, you may apply here below. Do not hesitate when you do something if you want to do. This is because God is always with us. You will get lessons through it.