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The VanCleave's 2

Updated: May 9, 2019

Here is the second story of the VanCleave's

GOD’s timing

How we got here

In December of 2013 we traveled down from Washington State, where we lived at the time, for our first Vision Camp. We drove all the way across the country, over 3,200 mile. We did not know what to expect for our family to serve at this camp but we were ready for what GOD had planned for us!

When we arrived there we found six English Teachers (college students from across the United States) waiting for us. Many had experience serving with Awana Korea before, we had not. They had great information to share on camp life and we began to anxiously await the arrival of Awana Korea with the students. That first camp was full of many memories and great friendships that have lasted through the years.

Returning home to Washington State after camp had ended we began to prepare for our move to Florida. Brian became anxious to be in full time ministry. Over the past four years we have been through a lot as a family. Life has been full of it’s challenges but also many of GOD’s blessings.

One of our English Teachers came and served for 2 years as an intern in the ministry here in Florida helping with YMI, Awana, and Vision Camp. She truly became “family” to us and our children. We have seen many English Teachers return to Korea and serve and it has been a blessing to train and mentor them for the ministry.

We have seen students come to know CHRIST as their SAVIOR and make commitments to follow CHRIST. From the first day of that first year of camp to the end of this first S.O.F. Camp in 2018 we have been amazed and truly blessed by GOD to serve alongside Awana Korea.

It is truly a blessing to be a part of what GOD is doing! Two years ago Brian had to go back to work full time. Although it was hard to not be involved as much in ministry Trish and the children continued to serve and Brian did as well when he could. Currently Brian is working a full time job as we remain volunteers with Awana Korea.

Vision Camp is always a highlight in our year and something our family looks forward to.

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