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The VanCleave's 1

Updated: May 9, 2019

Here is the first story of the VanCleave's. Let's find out what is his story.

Who are they?

They are the VanCleave Family!

Brian: Born and grew up in Washington State. Awana has always been a huge part of Brian’s life from 4 years old – High school. Awana is how Brian came to know CHRIST as his SAVIOR. Brian participated in many Awana events while growing up and began serving at age 12 knowing GOD had called him to more.

Trish: Born and grew up in Florida. Trish was also part of Awana from 3rd grade – High school. Trish served her local church as well through the Awana ministry.

Josiah: is 12 years old. He enjoys being creative and being outdoors. He loves Legos.

Hadassah: We call her “Hadie”. She is 10 years old and loves school! She is also very creative and enjoys reading.

Aydin: is 7 years old, loves Chewbacca (Star Wars), Legos and staying home!

Joanna: Loves Star Wars especially R2D2, she has curly blonde hair and makes people smile from her silliness.

How Brian and Trish met and serve the LORD together:

They met through the Awana ministry while serving in Ecuador, were later married and now have four children. Over the years they have served the Awana ministry in many different capaci-ties wherever the LORD has them living at the time. Nine years ago GOD gave Brian a Vision of moving back to Florida to run a “Missions Training Center”.

Brian had no idea at the time GOD had given several other people from Awana Korea the same vision and passion for HIS work and ministry. In 2010, Brian & Trish began serving with Youth Missions International (YMI) and prepared to become missionaries with them back in Florida in 2014. While preparing, YMI asked them to consider partnering with Awana Korea for Vision Camp.

They asked,

“What is Vision Camp?”

Vision Camp is a partnership with Awana Korea to help impact the next generation of Christian leaders of South Korea. Camp is designed to challenge and deepen the students relationship with CHRIST, and to give them new oppor-tunities to discover, learn and practice their English skills while being imersed in the culture for one month in the United States.

Camp is an amazing opportunity for all who are involved. From the Awana Korea Students, to the Staff members who serve. All learning and growing together. The main focus of camp is not just to become more fluent in the English language but to become more and more of a CHRIST follower.

Over the past 5 Vision Camps and the first S.O.F. Camp (Step Of Faith) this past year the VanCleave’s have partnered with Awana Korea to meet these goals. Camp has been filled with many blessings and stories of GOD at work in the lives of the participants. We have seen students come to know CHRIST, those who make commitments to live for CHRIST more as they re-turn home and English Teachers who have committed their lives to GOD’s work!

The VanCleave children even have their part in the ministry as English Teacher assistants and as friends of the campers and staff. They bring many smiles to the faces of campers and friendships that will always be treasured.

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